“bato sa ilaw” (mt. Batulao) Nasugbu, Batangas

…A tropic escape from the busy world of Manila, mostly for hikers or similar backpackers that needs such place to relax and free their minds from everyday busy routine. Mt. Batulao is located at the area of Nasugbu, Batangas. A 811MASL (meters above sea level) mountain with 360 degrees view upon reaching summit.. Mt. Talamitam is also one of the view in the summit of Batulao as well as the rocky mountains that looks like shark’s teeth formed in one long layer of soil.

There is no trees covering the surface of the mountain, but the cold and warm feeling is dramatically felt even on sunny days. The trail for the mountain are well maintained, the ups and down of the trail while having that good view of the mountain. The trail from camp 1 to camp 7 is like a walk in the park, but not until you reach camp 8-10 which is relatively steep and alot of dead rocks, so you must be very careful in choosing which rock to hold on. Going back to camp after summiting Batulao is a four wheel drive , that you really need to b e very careful. But I bet this was the best because of the trill of seeing everything and being scared at the same time with all those lose stones your passing through.

Going down with a brisk pace takes just 2.5 hours. From the Evercrest entrance, you may cross the highway to avail of the makeshift shower areas in the sari-sari stores. After the Batulao climb, which is a challenging Difficulty 4/9 daytrip, a postclimb meal in Tagaytay, at Mushroom Burger – or the classier Josephine’s – is a blissful reward. – pinoymountaineer.com


Destination: Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas

DAY 1 (June 6 2k8 )

05:45 – Assembly at Jollibee Alabang

06:00 – ETD Van to Nasugbo,Batangas

08:00 – ETA Evercrest Nasugbu, Batangas,

08:30 – Breakfast

09:30 – Start Trek

11:30 – ETA Campsite

12:00 – LUNCH

13:00 – 18:00 – FREE TIME

18:00 – Preparation for Dinner

19:00 – Dinner, Socials

22:00 – Light’s Out

DAY 2 (June 7 2k8 )

04:30 – Wake-Up Call, Breakfast

06:00 – Trek Towards Summit / SUNRISE

08:30 – Back at Camp, Break Camp

09:00 – Start Trek

11:00 – ETA Trailhead

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – ETD Nasugbu

16:30 – ETA Manila

****BUDGET Package = group of 8 = 5000php

Includes Van rental, guide fee, I.D, photographer


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  1. wow… great site ma’am… KUDOS!

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