Bonsai Island

While enjoying your stay in Cagbalete Island, try and walk on the shore, from the shoreline of Cagablete beach is a little islet called Bonsai Island (because of the single “bonsai-like” mangrove in the center of the islet) that disappears during high tide. The trek was quite tiring and the island is actually composed of dried up corals and rocks.

Its a challenge going to the Bonsai Island because you’ll never know when the water will get high, you can only walk on the rocks from 1pm to 4pm while the water is still low.

Nice island. not much in amenities but it makes up for plenty of time to idle around, rest and appreciate being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Because of bonsais in bonsai island were separate moss/grass filled small islets, the locals here believe that there was a giant evil shark imprisoned there by a local engkantada and that the shark will someday break free of that stone encasement.

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