“These are some of the foods we usually serve to our dear guest…..Camp foods but oh so yummy!!!!!”

Cooked through a traditional way of using woods for fire, and all are served picnic style, we are not using styro or plastic spoons to help nature minimize the waste. Since we are not using plastics spoons we might as well encourage our dear guests to bring there own utensils for eating. 

our tasty and yummy menu for you to choose from………..

  • deep fried fish (tilapia)
  • grilled liempo 
  • ensaladang talong
  • adobong pork or chicken
  • sinigang na pork 
  • sinigang na fish 
  • tinolang chicken
  • fried hotdog
  • scramble egg

All comes with plentyful of  rice and ice cold water/soda servings…..

We cater special request for the foods we are going to serve, charge to be settle with the organizer in contact.

We only charged a minimal fee of 100/ meal / head.


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