Secrets of Nagsasa Cove, Zambales Package

Just when you thought you’ve found paradise from the mystery of Anawangin Cove, I will give you now more option to explore. Nagsasa Cove which is just beyond the reach from Anawangin at cross the mountain of the wild tamaraw which is Mt. Balingkilat is just waiting to be explore. The quite and relaxing scenery of the place, the crystal like blue clear water of the beach that you can even see the fishes swirling around you while refreshing yourself in the water.

photographer: Jerome G. Sajise.

Not like Anawangin, here in Nagsasa you wont see any flags indicating that someone already owned the place. There are only few people and sometimes you’ll see no one but your group. Nice place to just hang out with your friends, talked everything under the bright moonlight, relax and be with nature.

photographer: Rob Reyes

Really that the beauty of this place is nothing compared to any other beaches Ive seen. You are like in the Marlboro classic commercial or how bout compare it to the “Brokeback Mountain views”.

Photographer: Don Sevilla

If you are the type who loves walking along the beach on sunset and shouting and singing with the birds, this is the best place. You wont even feel that anyone is presently hearing you while you are doing such stuff.

The tiny community of Nagsasa Cove are very warm in welcoming hikers and travelers in the place. They are so warm that they will even offer their “kubo” for you to stay rather than pitching your tent. They will keep on asking you what else you need just to make you feel that you are so much welcome on their place.

Nagsasa Cove ADVENTURE TOUR FOR ONLY Php1600/ Person

Package Inclusions: group of 12

> beach camp @ nagsasa cove,zamables
> transportation via private vehicle from manila-zamabales and back
> boat rental fee
> I.d, photographer, driver’s fee
> registration fee @ nagsasa

camping equipments such as tents can be rented for 200php/ 2 person adtl of 50php for extra person

Pls. Contact



19 Responses to “Secrets of Nagsasa Cove, Zambales Package”

  1. mahal na mahal kita

  2. dannish ….sobrang mahal kita

  3. […] George goes to Nagsasa Cove 2009 March 25 by ian0583 […]

  4. yup maganda din d2.. d pa nga lng ako nakakapunta ng anawangin.. 1800 nagastos nmn kc ng andoks dinner pa kmi sa olangapo.. mabait mga natives d2. may sari sari store din, 45 kilo ng bigas. d kau magsisi pag nagpunta kau d2.

  5. pwede po b kming mkisabay sa inyo? umh me and my friends, punta po kmi dito the same date na pupunta po kau. ok lng po b? kc 1st time lng po nmin pumunta dito eh. tnx

  6. oops sorry that date was just a sample date, we are planning a trip here but I would advise you not to go here muna kz d po maganda panahon, maybe on November you can try this place..

  7. can we go trekking to Mt. Balingkilat going to this Nagsasa cove just like what we did when we went to Anawangin and Capones islands. Exploring the mountain si quite fascinating going down to the beach area. tnx.

    • ahm…its too far if you will do a traverse from balingkilat down to nagsasa..better if you traverse anawangin and have a boat to pick you up from der

  8. thanks for sharing. I have 3 questions re:banka from pundaquit to nagasasa cove. 1)who did you get? 2)how many were you in 1 banka and 3)how much was the banka to/from nagsasa? Thanks!

  9. Thanks dannish. I was there last weekend with a group of flickr photographers, mga 30+. Also met Ryan Guzman+group who has been going there for 2 years and is responsible for some of the developments there. Our usual bankero, Mang Vic, took us there for 3k but we had to rent a smaller boat for our gear (additional 1.5k). Nagsasa is really beautiful. The falls where a very old writing (H20) in stone, with a seal that looks spanish, was a welcome feature of this cove.

  10. Thanks francis…..good to know you appreciate the beauty of the cove….and bout your other message bout Allan picture, ur right I forgot to put his name on the picture..I just removed it anyway…thanks

  11. How much would be the banka ride if we have a van going there?

  12. Ganda ng Nagsasa

  13. Ang ganda!

  14. Hi guys,

    ung posted number sa article un ung updated!


    Please check out facebook page @ kaladkad tour club for further updates

    thanks guys

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